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CopiBook i2s
The uncomplicated, all conditions scanner
Key benefits of the CopiBook
Able to operate in an office lighting environment (without additional lighting).
All models of the CopiBook range are free from Ultraviolet and Infrared emissions, which ensures preservation of fragile and rare matreials and optimizes operator's comfort.
Easy to use and highly ergonomic
The CopiBook scanners can be used by an inexperienced operator and can even be installed for self service use in reading rooms.  It offers a choice of outputs (email, TFP, Print, USB).  The LCD screen is positioned at operator eye-level, the function keys and touchpad are ideally laid-out in front and there’s a pedal and keyboard with shortcuts for faster operations.
Highly modular and upgradeable
The CopiBook comes in 5 different models with a variety of accessories to suit your specific requirements and constraints.
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