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SupraScan manual scanner
A modular, upgradeable line of linear scanners for highest quality of on large Formats
i2s suprascan manual scanner picture
Scan any type of bound works up to 1,800 mm x 1,200 mm
The scanners in the SupraScan line are ideally suited for materials such as book maps, pictures, drawings, transfer paper, etc
It delivers high resolution quality images
With true optical resolutions from 200 to 800 dpi depending on the format and model, you are sure to find the one for your projects.  Additionally the A00 model has an adjustable angle of incidence LED lighting (enhancement of reliefs); Ultrasound sensor, calibrated to measure the ideal distance between the camera and the work (even left in its frame); Self-measure system (compensates for the natural curving of the work when placed flat)
Upgradable range of scanners
Harmonizes technology with user requirements. One machine can be fitted with various interchangeable scanner heads.
User-friendly interface and ergonomics
The user interface allows easy configuration of camera settings (which depend on the format and the desired resolution), image display control and digital image archiving.  The motorized cradle with upwards and downwards mobility will make it easier to position large, heavy documents and delicate items.
Outstanding productivity for its class
These scanner cut down on this traditionally slow process thanks to bidirectional scanning and background writing of the resultant image.
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