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The fastest semi-automatic scanner for large Formats
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Advantages that only scan2page can give you
Extra-Large scanning surface 
With scan2page you can scan bound documents over 2xA2, up to 2x 54cm x 75cm (2x 21”x30”).
A high quality, authentic image – simply great!

You have the choice of various optics giving you up to 600 dpi and you will be happy to see:

  • NO glare
  • NO stretching
  • NO warping
  • No moiré
  • NO margin crawl
  • NO unwanted images of fingers or clamps
  • NO text curvature
clean image
Fast operation
A snapshot of 2 pages A2 in color takes 4 seconds which gives you a total cycle time with page turning at 3 sec of an amazing total of 7 seconds. Global performance is up to 1000 pages / hour for color and 1400 in gray scales. Only fully automatic scanners are faster!