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Simply want to get your books online?
We'II do it for you and put it online in your MediaINFO library
MediaINFO allows you to build new digital libraries or to upgrade existing ones.
Advantages that only MediaINFO can give you :
allows a multipage and immediate detailed view down to the last pixel of huge documents without speed penalty. Zooming from a multipage view to more details is smooth and fast transition where the only limit is actual scanned resolution of source files.
MediaInfo collection of docs
MediaInfo collection of docs
MediaInfo all pages of books
MediaInfo zoom to pages
MediaInfo zoom to text
Extracting and working with content
MediaInfo extract and working with content
Adding notes,/ citations and sharing content
MediaInfo adding notes
Additional unbeatable benefits from MediaINFO :
  • Searching
  • allows advanced faceting, boolean search, stemming, wildcards, date ranges
  • Protecting Ownership Rights
  • by locking content and keeping control of the cost and access level
  • OpenURL
  • to share content with relaxed authoring rights Sample
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