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The only book scanner
2x A3 format
automatic and manual
… suitable for all books
All in ONE at a cost effective price
DL-mini all in one
DL-mini overview
DL-mini Front
DL-mini close up
DL mini is the ultimate desktop solution for scanning documents
100% of documents types are managed (Books, inserts, lose sheets, etc …)
90% of library needs fit to DL mini page format (2x A3)
No need choosing between automatic or manual scanner, you have both in ONE !
DL-mini, manual mode
Save 90% operator time
Scan chalenging books
Other advantages that only the DL mini can give you
Largest scanning surface
DL mini offers you the largest scanning surface of any automatic scanner.
You can scan as small as 2xA6 (2x 4”x6”) and as large as 2xA3 (2x 12”x17”).
DL-mini managed page format
Scans most challenging books automatically

DL mini scans the largest variety of bound documents, even book types other automatic scanner can not do, like:

- hard and soft covers (like magazines and newspapers)
- spontaneously closing books (squarebacks)
- wavy and irregular pages (manuscripts)

spontaneously closing books
wavy and irregular pages
Proven Swiss reliability – it simply works alone !
You can rely on the DL mini to digitize your bound documents with the highest degree of automation for the maximum productivity. This is made possible by intelligent sensors and automatic retry cycles in case of difficulties. Operator may be absent during the process. 
Additional unbeatable benefits from the DL mini:
A high quality, authentic image – simply great !

You have the choice of various cameras up to 600 dpi and you will see:

    • NO glare on glossy paper
    • NO stretching, warping
    • NO shadows in the binding
    • NO text curvature
    • NO unwanted visible fingers or clamps
    • NO pulling on pages
    • NO stress on the book
Gentle, air-cushioned book handling
DL mini’s air-flow page turning process and air cushioned book cradle ensure gentle handling of books without applying pressure or tension on the spine.
air cushion on the DL-mini
air flow on the DL-mini
As easy to use as 1-2-3 !
All you do is place the book on the cradle, choose presets and press “start” in the on-board user menu and DL mini does the rest. It automatically centers and measures the book at the beginning of the process.
place the book on the cradle of the DL-mini
press start on the on-borad user menu of the DL-mini