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Vacuum Table

Vacuum Table A1

Vacuum Table 2x A0

Optionally inserts under the scanner.
2A0 : use a sliding surface under the table, to slide on the scanner bed
A0 : use a trolley that inserts around an existing book cradle
A1 : place the table manually on the platens of the book cradle


Typical uses for a vacuum table

Flatten single sheet documents :

Maps, Drawings, Posters,
Book Jackets, Letters
rolled, folded or damaged by water


A glass is not required to flatten the document

Paper Rolls
vet paper
Book Cover

Marking the document by exessive vacuum is avoided

  • with an ajustable vacuum level
  • Using small holes on the aspiration surface
  • Having a high density of aspiration holes
  • Insuring uniform vacuum force spread
    under the whole document
Plate Corner

Journal on Plate

Help accessories:

  • Use on-top mats with perforated holes at various density. Changing density of aspiration holes, to reduce loss of vacuum.
  • Use a black wadding to have a continuous black surface under the document.
  • Small magnets to fix page corners or edges.
  • Masks to limit vertically and horizontally the aspiration surface. Changing aspiration surface to fit the size of the document.
On top holes
Black wading
Table with masks

Industry-grade vacuum pump

Open vacuum pump

The vacuum is delivered by a silent vacuum pump, delivering great depression and airflow. and using a vacuum technology with noise reductions at air inlet and at air outlet

Table and vacuum pump

Vacuum fitting

Handling and installation

A1 installation

A1 vacuum table installation on the scanner surface by one person

Tabler rolling out

A1 installation
2 x A0 vacuum table installation on the scanner surface by 2 persons