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Our service menu is comprehensive:
  • collecting documents from your premises
  • scanning them with our state of the art equipment either automatically or manually
  • image treatment with our unique Page Improver which does page splitting, cropping out borders, contrast improvement, deskewing text, unbleed to remove text that shines through from another page, conversion to binary - black/white threshold, over sampling for better depiction of image
  • making your documents searchable via automatic OCR treatment. 
  • Saving your data in TIFF, JPG, PDF formats (others also possible on demand)
  • archiving the digital media on DVDs, hard disks or Tapes for long time preservation
  • providing  web access with media info application
  • returning documents to your premises
  • even putting your documents on the web via our unique viewer/library module
  • providing the service on your site is also possible simply contact us
Our production site works with state of the art equipment:
  • Digitization Line automatic book scanners
  • Loose paper scanners
  • Microfiche scanners
  • Various document holders for the largest variety of documents
  • Servers for storage
  • Robots for archiving
  • Image treatment software
  • Safes for storing rare or precious books
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microfiches scanner
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For more information, visit our dedicated Service bureau web site HERE
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